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Our Team

We are a team of holistic wellness enthusiasts who believe that technology has the capability to empower the world to live a better and healthier life.


Sushma Gaikwad

Sushma Gaikwad is a co-founder of Ice Global which she set up with her partner two decades ago with a vision to partner brands on their experiential strategies.  She set up a Learning & Development division and is today a sought after Leadership Coach for companies such as UST Global, Mahindra Automotive, Asian Paints etc.

She has also set up Wizcraft Management Institute of Media and Entertainment and is actively involved in working with universities across the world in creating customised education courses & syllabi. Sushma is on the Board of Studies of the Somaiya International Convention Centre and Academy (SICCA).

A personal journey in the year 2006 took Sushma on a life-changing path as she explored holistic wellness with a passion.  Over the years, Sushma moved from a learner to a therapist and honed her skill as a holistic practitioner.  She practice various modalities such as Chakra healing, Journey therapy, Crystal healing, Remedial Divination, Aura scanning among others and is also an accomplished NLP Master practitioner and a Dale Carnegie trainer.

Sushma is the recipient of the Woman Entrepreneur award instituted by Bharat Nirman Seva.

Sukhoon- Pramod Gaikwad

Pramod Gaikwad

Pramod Gaikwad, a successful entrepreneur, industry leader and communication expert, is a passionate visionary driven by purpose, commitment and integrity. His passion to excel has been the footnote of each enterprise that he has built over two decades as a first-generation entrepreneur. Pramod completed his post-graduation with a masters in finance and embarked on his career in experiential communication. He had the distinction of setting up and heading business divisions in Mudra Communication and Lowe Lintas respectively.

Two decades ago, Pramod co-founded ICE GLOBAL which has grown into a company known for its path breaking ideas and constantly creating the uncreated. Over the years, Pramod has crafted brand experiences having worked with inspirational Brands in a range of industries having orchestrated experiences of premium caliber across the globe. Pramod has grown his business across a variety of domains such as Campaign Management, Customized Branding Solutions, Visual Effects, Learning & Development and Holistic Wellness.

As an industry leader, Pramod is a recognizable face on global forums and as a speaker he provides valuable insights on growth and trends in the experiential & media industry. Pramod is on the Board of Studies of Jain University and is a prominent guest faculty at premium management institutes. His keenness to mentor future professionals is apparent in his passionate and engaging sessions.

Pramod Gaikwad is a name synonymous with resourcefulness, solution driven attitude and integrity toward his craft. He believes in creating outstanding work and executing path breaking ideas by constantly challenging himself and his team. Pramod is an avid gamer, wellness proponent, voracious reader and an automobile enthusiast and is at the helm of Road Safe India, an initiative to spread awareness about the need for road safety in India and empower action.

Pramod Gaikwad has co-founded Sukhoon with a belief that holistic wellbeing is the fundamental right of every human being and his vision to enable access to knowledge and ancient wisdom is the driving force of the initiative.

Sukhoon is a universal community of contributors, ambassadors, and change-makers, who are sparked by the energy of wellness and a shared vision to bring about a revolution in personal development, health, and wellbeing.

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