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Your Sacred Space for

  • Self-Discovery
  • Well-Being
  • Happiness

About Sukhoon

The Sukhoon Tribe

Sukhoon is a community of those who are awakened to the boundless possibilities of the alignment of mind, Body and spirit.

…Of those who inspire and are inspired
…Of those who believe that life need not be a struggle
…Of those who harness technology to derive benefits of ancient wisdom
…Of those who believe that you and I are on the same journey together

Sukhoon is exactly that, Sukhoon – I am peace. I am happiness.

A Sacred Space that is Yours

Sukhoon is a community that takes you closer to your search for holistic wellness. A melting pot of seekers and healers from various phases of life, Sukhoon brings an amalgamation of choices curated for a life-changing experience. 


Sukhoon is your ground, your community, your platform where, as a healer or a seeker, you can unhesitatingly discuss your needs, narrate your stories and challenges, share your epiphanies and ultimately learn from each other’s wisdom and experience.

Committed to your Growth. Committed to You.

Leveraging the benefits of ancient wisdom through technology and the expertise of healers, we aim to draw committed individuals with authentic knowledge to help each one reach their desired path or healing modality.


Influencers who are advocates of holistic wellness and seekers aspiring to elevate themselves to a better version of life meet at Sukhoon to find their ideal paths. It provides you with a backstage pass to understand how celebrities, influencers, and opinion leaders have adopted holistic wellness practices to enable them to build a successful life.

Evolve with Practical Learning

It is a voyage through eye-opening events, life-transforming workshops, stimulating engagements, and more, inspiring every human soul seeking a better space in this vast landscape of being.


We nurture what we see as a rising community returning to the fundamentals of life and an organic form of living. We believe in solving the root cause of the problem and in lifting each other as a community. 

Being a Part of This Community

Whoever you are, wherever you are, in whatever phase of life you stand, undoubtedly Sukhoon is your space. The benefits arising out of adopting wellness practices is for all communities, across all genders and ages.

Sukhoon is YOU!

The spirit of contribution, passion to spread the message of holistic and alternative wellness, and the commitment to provide and popularize wellness solutions to create a better world makes Sukhoon, Your Sukhoon.

New Pathways

Discover. Follow. Grow.